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Get Together and Set Sail from FREP

Young employees gathering together from different places of the country, radiating extraordinary splendor of youth. Quanzhou in July with warm hospitality, welcomed the 89 new graduates, with dream of youth, bid farewell to their campus and gathered together at FREP to open a new chapter in their lives.

In the morning of July 31st, the Company held a welcome meeting for the new employees of 2018. Vice president Mr. Nouraddin A. Yousuf, Mr. Lin Xu and Mr. Zhao Tianxing attended the meeting.

On behalf of the Company, Mr. Nouraddin A. Yousuf congratulated the graduates on their successful completion of their studies, and warmly welcomed them to join FREP. As an international company, FREP provides employees with great development opportunities, equal competition opportunities and the best learning environment, and they have made right choice.

He put forward three requirements for new employees: first, stay safe, petrochemical enterprise is high-tech with big operating risks, any carelessness may leading to incidents; second, learn and ask questions, actively consult masters and timely take notes to lay a good foundation, cumulative knowledge and experience over time will make great difference; third, be patience, campus and work site are different. There would be a lot of unfitness. Only by changing mindset and overcoming difficulties, could new employees keep improving. He encouraged everyone to be down-to-earth, consolidate their professional foundation, and foster collaboration ability and work together toward the vision of the Company.

Mr. Lin Xu pointed out that after joining FREP, the employees should understand its corporate culture and its vision of to become a world-class petrochemical company with sustainable competitiveness. Achieving this goal required joint efforts of all staff. And the new employees should live up to the following three points: first, have a “empty cup” mentality, earnestly study, be open-minded for consultation, combine theory with practice to achieve and gain; second, develop the habit of safety. Work in petrochemical industry involves high risks, safety is the eternal theme. We should not only protect ourselves, but also protect others. Third, be practical and calm to solve problems with systematic thinking, and be a practitioner of theory to sublimate ability in the work. He also shared the feelings of reading Liangjiahe River.

Mr. Zhao Tianxing encouraged new employees to be ambitious and down-to-earth, to integrate their youth dream into the development of FREP, and to grow up together with the Company. He put forward three requirements: first, to learn to take responsibility; entering society, in addition to the transformation of identity, responsibility also came along; we should be responsible for both enterprise and families; second, to learn to get along with others, and maintain a harmonious relationship with colleagues, so as to provide a good environment for work and learning; third, to learn to self-adjustment. There was bound to be a gap between reality and ideals. Only by adjusting our mindset and moving forward steadily, could we realize our own value.

Management of functional departments also put forward expectations to the new employees. They hoped that they can quickly change their roles, find proper position, and integrate into the big family of FREP earlier, and become the backbone for the Company's high-quality development.

At the meeting, the representatives of employees, joined the Company as 2017 university graduates, Yu Jingli and Liu Jialin shared their ideas and experience since work, as well as their learning and working experience.

Some new employees’ representatives introduced themselves from their colleges, hometown and other aspects, while expressing the joy and pride of becoming a new employee of FREP. They all expressed their willingness to take root at the grass-roots level, start from little things, be active and courageous to take responsibilities and paint the Company's bright future with their colorful youth.

The 89 new employees graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Dalian University of Technology, China University of Petroleum (East China), Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Fuzhou University, North China Electric Power University (Baoding), Lanzhou Petrochemical Vocational and Technical College, Hunan Petrochemical Vocational and Technical College etc. (Zhang Lei)

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